CollectA Mini Dinosaur Set 1

RM 69.00

According to Babyology, there are a number of reasons why children like playing with dinosaurs, and in return there are many ways it helps them develop and learn:

  • Children can safely master a scary and extinct monster
  • They learn about earth, life, and the natural world
  • Their primal instincts are exercised
  • There’s an opportunity for increased knowledge
  • They get to display over-excitability

This mini Dinosaur set features different Dinosaurs. Teach your children the names of these Dinosaurs, the sounds they make and the way they move.

  • includes 1 Baryonyx, 1 Mosasaurus, 1 Pachycephalosaurus, 1 Parasaurolophus, 1 Pteranodon, 1 Stegosaurus, 1 Triceratops, 1 Tyrannosaurus Rex, 1 Kentrosaurus, 1 Diplodocus
  • high quality non-toxic PVC
  • toxic-free acrylic paint
  • created with the help of a famous UK paleoimagery